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About Madelyn



I am a perfectionist and introvert who was a wedding photographer for 6 years (93 weddings, but who’s counting). If I’m being honest, most days you’ll find me at home, either scrolling through pretty pictures on Instagram or playing The Sims. Because I already spend a crazy amount of time inside on my computer, I found my favorite part of being a wedding photographer was the time spent editing the photos. That’s right! As crazy as it sounds, I love editing. I am lucky to be able to love an aspect of photography that can be tedious to others, and I want to service the wedding photography community with this passion! 

Dying to hear more? Here are three quick facts about myself:

1. I love the color purple (you might have picked up on this by now). It makes me feel ooey gooey inside and I always like to find ways to incorporate it into my life. This occasionally distresses my fiancé, but I'd say we're finding a balance.

2. In January 2021, I moved to Los Angeles, CA from Chicago, IL! I lived in Chicago for over 6 years, to get my photography degree from Columbia College Chicago and to work as a wedding and portrait photographer. But now I am living in sunny LA and have been absolutely loving it!

3. I've been a "professional" photographer since I was 15 years old. I started shooting high school seniors (my friends) and their moms started passing me some cash for my time. I've only grown from there! In college, I turned my attention towards weddings and fell in love with the industry. Since then, I've done a little soul-searching and came to realize where I was happiest. Behind the computer making beautiful photography perfect!

Still here? Let's connect! I want to hear your story. Head over to the CONTACT form to send me an email and we can take it from there. Thanks for your time here!

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